Glass-lined and glass equipment: hands-on training 



Welcome to Zinswiller (France) and Mainz (Germany)
to learn more about the “World of De Dietrich Process Systems”

De Dietrich Process Systems has designed various training modules for those of its clients who would like to learn the rudiments of the following fields:


  • Understanding Glass Lining and Glass-Lined Equipment (Zinswiller / France)
    whether for commissioning, controlling or maintaining equipment


26-28/3 and 5-7/11          read more here

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  • Agitation and Heat Transfer (Zinswiller/France)
    with an approach focused on the use of the equipment and the optimisation of the processes


9-11/4 and 19-21/11          read more here

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  • Installation and maintenance of QVF® Equipment (Mainz/Germany)


19-21/2                             read more here

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