Learn about how to dimension Rupture Discs, Demisters, etc.

 Welcome to our CALCULATION HUB …

How do you dimension rupture discs, demisters and other special processing equipment? We teach you how to take control of the design! Bring a “case” to our booth at PROCESSTEKNIK and join us when we calculate your process.
Welcome to our booth B01: 50 on 9-11 October!

We will go through the dimensioning of:

  • Heat Exchanger – fully welded in different variations
  • Droplet Separator
  • Bursting Disc
  • Hydraulic as well as Desorption and Adsorption Calculations for Columns
  • Filter Presses
  • Decanter Centrifuges


Welcome to our ANIMATION HUB …

Do you also experience that it is difficult to understand how advanced processing equipment works? Do you agree that animated films that show operating principles make it easier to understand the process? We teach you how Filter Presses, Vacuum Transport Systems or a Doser – to name a few – really work.

Lugaia SafePort Transfer Bag


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