Glass-lined and glass equipment: hands-on training



Welcome to Zinswiller (France) and Mainz (Germany)
to learn more about the “World of De Dietrich Process Systems” …


De Dietrich Process Systems has once again broadened their training program for glass-lined and glass equipment which will add to your knowledge and allow you to reach the highest level of performance in selecting, operating and upgrading your process equipment.

Please sign up for the following trainings and dates:

Enamel Module 1:      Process & Glass-lined Equipment
14 – 15 May               22 – 23 October

Enamel Module 2:      Installation and Maintenance of glass-lined Equipment
16 – 18 May               24 – 26 October

Enamel Module 3:      Process Improvement: Optimisation Agitation & Heat Exchange
24 – 26 April              13 – 15 November

Glass Module 1:         QVF Assembling Course Basic
04 – 06 September

Glass Module 2:         QVF Assembling Course Advanced:
see below

Enamel Training: read more and register here!

QVF Assembly Training: read more and register here!


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