We are looking for a Sales Engineer in Stockholm

We are looking for a Sales Engineer working with clients in fine chemistry and pharmaceutical industries in Sweden and Norway. This is a new position, located in Stockholm.

The position is aimed at developing sales for existing and new customers. The ability to build trust with the customer is often what determines customer decision. The ability to understand chemical processes and unit operations and identify how Thurne Teknik solutions can help the customer is what this service is all about. We believe that this type of customer focus is crucial for becoming successful.

Examples of tasks include:

    • Conduct business from inquiry to quotation
    • Plan and execute the sales work in the short-term and long-term
    • Contact potential customers with customized offers
    • Attend trade fairs and exhibitions
    • A large part of the position is carried out on a traveling basis, expecting about 30-40 hotel nights per year.

We expect you to have a technical education, similar to a college or civil engineer with a specialization in chemistry or similar. Experience in the process industry, laboratory environment, the manufacturing industry is considered as an advantage. As a person, you have a great interest in meeting people, and you thrive with a desire to try new things and a willingness to succeed. In this position, your personality is as important as your sales experience. We are looking for a person who have a positive attitude and who sees solutions and opportunities rather than problems.

The position requires that you master Swedish and English fluently, both in speaking and writing. The service requires driver’s license B.


Fill out the application today or by 30.11.2019.


Got any questions about this position?

Please contact HR consultant Joacim Jonasson

Phone:  08 555 651 26

Email: joacim.jonasson@poolia.se

The experts and professionals gathered in Vantaa, Finland

This week Thurne Teknik hosted the Dec Group seminar “Powder Handling and Containment Technologies” in Vantaa, Finland.

We would like to thank our guests, speakers, Fermion and our Finnish team for two amazing days full of valuable information about powder handling.

The topics for the seminar were:

    • How to effectively and safely handle powders under GMP conditions in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries
    • Challenges and issues when micronizing powders
    • Ready for OEB 7: sterile and toxic product manipulation in the pharmaceutical industry
    • Increase plant productivity and safety by process linking


Our speakers from Dec Group were Mr. Frédéric Dietrich, Mr. Ferdinand Reesink and Mr. Andrew Lemaire, who shared their knowledge about safe and contained processing of powders.

We also had the opportunity to explore equipment on display:

    • Micronisation unit
    • Demonstration of powder transferring with PTS-80 (Video available with Powder handling system in motion – take a look)
    • Contained reactor charging by PTS
    • Continuous liner and safe seal system from our partner Lugaia
    • Scalable Lab System with several milling heads from our partner Quadro


The second part of the seminar was a reference visit to the API manufacturer Fermion, who presented contained powder handling in practise.

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Join our team in Vantaa, Finland

Our business is growing and we are applying for a new position:

Product / Sales Manager

We are looking for you who have experience from industry and industrial processes and who are interested in consulting our customers and selling our solutions.  This is a new position and we will create your product portfolio based on your expertise. Our product portfolio include both customized solutions and components that improve our customers’ production processes, increase process safety and reduce their environmental impact.  What kind of competencies would you bring to our team and what products would you like to work with?

As a Product / Sales Manager, you will be responsible for the sales of technical solutions and components to industrial customers in Finland.  You will work closely with both customers and our Central European suppliers.  Together with your suppliers and customers, you will tailor and design the best solutions for their manufacturing processes.   You engage in long-term and systematic sales work and are responsible for maintaining and developing our existing customer relationships as well as acquiring new customers.

Skills and Experience

    • Technical education, for instance BSc or MSc in chemical or mechanical engineering
    • Excellent ability to understand various industrial processes
    • An interest in technology and desire to explore new areas
    • The ability to find and build long-term customer relationships
    • Experience from industry and industrial processes
    • Fluent in Finnish and English


The position involves traveling in Finland and to some extent in Europe (in total approximately 20-30 travel days per year).  The task requires a Class B driving license and preferably own car.

You are an experienced sales professional or a technical person interested in sales.  For us, your personality and technical mindset are more important than your sales experience.  As a person you are independent and ambitious, but you are also humble enough to engage in understanding customers’ smallest challenges.  You have a positive attitude and see solutions rather than problems.  You enjoy exploring new solutions and have a strong drive to get things done.

 We offer you

As a Product / Sales Manager, you will develop and apply both your technical and commercial expertise.  You will have the opportunity to work independently in a challenging and diverse sales role with well-known products. You will be supported  by our dynamic team and suppliers, who are market leaders in their field.  We offer you continuous competence development and the opportunity to develop your own role.


Interested in this career opportunity?

Register your CV, application and salary request  by 28.10.2019.


Got any questions about this position?

Please contact HR Consultant Marika Högström-Andersson:

Phone: 050 572 6439

Email: marika.hogstrom-andersson@adiente.fi


Career opportunity in Denmark

We are looking for a Sales Engineer to work with customers in the chemical and food industry in Denmark. This role includes selling components, for example, column fixtures, rupture components and static mixers. Your ability to create familiarity with the customer is many times what becomes crucial in the end. Knowledge of correct components in the right place is also what makes entire processes work. We believe that this type of customer focus is crucial for becoming successful.

Some examples of work assignments will include:

  • Order and quotation handling
  • Plan and carry out short-term and long-term sales work
  • Contact potential customers with personalized offers
  • Participate at fairs and exhibitions (foreign travel included)
  • As large part of the sales work is done on travel; therefore, you need to count on approx. 50 hotel nights per year.


We expect you to have appropriate technical training, similar to a high school or civil engineer with the fields of machinery, chemistry or alike. Experience in the process industry, laboratory environments, manufacturing industry is considered as an advantage. As a person you have a great interest in meeting people, and you thrive in a position that is characterized by the desire to try new things and a willingness to succeed. In this position your personality is more important than your selling experiences. We are looking for colleague who has a positive attitude and who see solutions and opportunities rather than problems. The position requires you to master English fluently. The position requires driving licence B.


Are you still interested?

Fill out the application TODAY.

Thurne Teknik invites you to Filtech 2019

Thurne Teknik in cooperation with Andritz Separation invites you to the largest and most important filtration event world-wide Filtech 2019.

We look forward to seeing you at Filtech 2019, Cologne on October 22 -24, booth G15, hall 11.1.


More info about the fair.

More info about the invitation.


Finland customers:

arrange an appointment and free ticket with Rolf Sundstrom (rolf@thurne.fi +358 451102337)

Sweden and Norway customers:

arrange an appointment and free ticket with Roba Rudena (roba.rudena@thurne.se +46 764664018)

We are hosting a seminar on October 8th-9th in Finland

Learn how to process your powders safely. Thurne Teknik will host a Dec Group containment seminar and factory tour at API manufacturer Fermion Oy on October 8th-9th in Finland. The seminar will include Dec powder handling and containment technologies, with full size equipment on display.

Ylipainesuojaus – Alipainesuojaus – Murtokalvot – Hengitysventtiilit

Painevarolaitteet – mitoitus, optimointi ja toimitus

Laitteiden ja prosessien turvallinen suojaus ylipaineelta ja alipaineelta on vastuullinen tehtävä, joka oikein tehtynä voi pelastaa ihmishenkiä ja suojella ympäristöä. Haluamme tässä kirjeessä tiedottaa niistä varolaitetuotteista ja -palveluista, joita Thurne Teknik tarjoaa pohjoismaiselle teollisuudelle. Varolaitetuotteiden laitevalmistajamme ovat Continental Disc Corporation, Mersen ja Groth.


Mitoitus- ja kartoituspalvelut murtokalvojen varaston pienentämistä varten

Moni asiakkaamme käyttää hyvin monta eri murtokalvotyyppiä prosesseissaan. Monet erilaiset murtokalvotyypit varastoissa sitovat paljon rahaa ja varastotilaa. Tarjoamme palvelun, jossa tarkastamme eri käyttökohteissa tarvittavat murtopaineet, halkaisijat ja käyttölämpötilat asiakkaamme kanssa ja teemme optimointiehdotuksen. Vähennä eri murtokalvotyyppien määrää ja säästä rahaa.

Rolf Sundström, Product Manager, rolf.sundstrom@thurne.fi Puh: 045-110 2337


HPX mallisto – tarkka murtopaine ja pitkäaikaisen painevaihtelun kesto

Kupera puoli prosessipuolella, eli ”reverse acting” murtolevy, antaa erittäin tarkan murtopaineen. Täten painelaitteiden paineluokitusta ei tarvitse ylimitoittaa turhaan, vaan prosessia voi turvallisesti ajaa hyvin lähellä suurinta sallittua painetta.

HPX mallilla on muotoilunsa ansiosta maailmanennätys painesyklien todistetussa kestossa ilman että metalli väsyy. Testeillä on todistettu että HPX kalvomalli kestää yli 250.000 vakuumi-/painesykliä.


Hygieniset prosessit – murtokalvon asennus suoraan Tri-Clamp -laippojen väliin
Hygieninen Sanitrx –murtolevy on optimoitu elintarvike-, pharma-, hienokemiaja bioteollisuuden tarpeisiin. Siinä ei ole erillistä murtokalvopidikettä.

– Lääke- ja elintarviketeollisuuden laitteisiin
– Helppo tarkastus ja vaihto ilman työkaluja, asennus Tri-Clamp laippojen väliin
– Suunnittelumurtopaine: 0,69 bar –34 bar
– Lääkkeen sekoitus- ja säilytysastioihin, elintarvike- ja juomasäiliöihin


Korrodoivat prosessit – laaja materiaalivalikoima hyvin happamiin prosesseihin
Grafiitti-, tantaali-, tai fluoropolymeripäällystetyt murtolevyt kestävät vuodesta toiseen hyvinkin syövyttävissä olosuhteissa. Kokeile esimerkiksi Mersenin grafiittimurtolevyjä, jotka
eivät vaadi erillistä murtolevypidikettä, vaan ne asennetaan pulttilaippojen väliin.

– Tantaali kestää kaikkia laimeita ja vahvoja happoja, paitsi fluorivetyhappoa
– Grafiitti, joka on inertti lähes kaikissa prosesseissa, sopii myös kuumiin kohteisiin
– Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel ja nikkeli sopivat tiettyihin prosesseihin optimaalisesti


Varoventtiili ja sitä suojaava murtolevy on tehokas ja turvallinen yhdistelmä
Varoventtiilien ja murtolevyjen käyttö yhdessä, toisiaan täydentävinä varolaitteina, on yleistynyt teollisuudessa.

– Kun murtolevy asennetaan varoventtiilin prosessipuolelle, venttiili on suojassa lialta ja syövyttäviltä kemikaaleilta. Näin varmistetaan että venttiili on kunnossa, kun sitä tarvitaan. Suojaus voi vaikuttaa jopa venttiilin materiaalin valintaan.
– Yhdistelmä pienentää kokonaispäästöjä painehäiriötapauksissa joissa murtolevy on murtunut, koska varoventtiili sulkeutuu paineen laskettua ja vuoto loppuu.

Hengittävät ylipaine- ja alipaineventtiilit – kompakti yhdistelmä
Ulkotiloissa olevien säiliöiden lämpötilan muutosten aiheuttama ”hengitystarve” on otettava huomioon. Käyttämällä hengittäviä venttiilejä vähennetään haitallisia päästöjä, verrattuna avoimesti hengittäviin tankkeihin. Samalla pienennetään haihtumisen kautta tapahtuvaa tuotehukkaa. Myös nesteiden pumppaamisen seurauksena säiliössä syntyvien mahdollisten alipaine- ja ylipainetilanteiden hallintaan, hengittävä venttiili on suositeltava ratkaisu.

Venttiilin lisävaruste – leimahtavan liekin tai räjähdyksen estäjä
Riippuen säiliössä olevan liuoksen leimahduspisteestä voidaan venttiilin lisäksi asentaa sen eteen myös liekinestin (esim salamoinnin aiheuttamien kipinöiden estämiseksi) tai räjähdyksenestin.


Thurne Teknik’s growth is supported by becoming a member of Addtech

Thurne Teknik, a technical trade company active in the Nordics and Baltics, welcomes Addtech as its new partner, in order to accelerate local and international growth. Thurne Teknik becomes a subsidiary company, fully owned by Addtech in April 2019.

Addtech is a Swedish publicly listed technology trading group. The business comprises about 130 independent companies that sell high-tech products and solutions to customers chiefly in the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors in around 20 countries. Addtech creates optimal conditions for the profitability and growth of its subsidiaries.

Thurne Teknik is known for offering advanced process systems, equipment and components to the process industry in the Nordic countries and Baltic States. Together with about 20 worldwide equipment manufacturing partners, each with a strong global market position in their fields of activity, Thurne Teknik is dedicated to supporting its customers with state-of-the-art solutions for improving efficiency, safety and sustainability in their processes.

“A growing company needs owners who believe in its culture and trust in its ability to grow. Addtech brings that belief, strength and the culture needed for us to continue our journey and development of Thurne Teknik to its full potential” says Ulf Stenerhag, Thurne Teknik’s CEO.

“We are impressed with Thurne Teknik’s achievements and their corporate culture. Thurne Teknik has excellent growth opportunities which we are more than happy to support. Addtech has a strong history of assisting small and mid-sized companies in their journey of development. Our mission is to preserve the entrepreneurial and family company spirit and to maintain the established unique cultures in our companies.” says Daniel Prelevic, Controller at Addtech.

“Thurne Teknik is a company that fits very well within our own Process Technology group”, says Claus Nielsen, Business Unit Manager Process Technology of Addtech, and continues; “Together with Thurne Teknik, Addtech’s presence in the market of niche equipment for the pharma, chemical and food industry will be strengthened.”

“As members of the Addtech family, we at Thurne Teknik will continue our deep focus on strengthening the brands of our trusted suppliers and partners and giving our customers the best possible service in developing their processes. Thurne has grown organically by 70% in the last five years and we have a clear roadmap moving forward. We are passionate about understanding our customers, their processes and their needs” says Henrik Ramm-Schmidt, Thurne Teknik’s regional manager of Finland and Baltics.

“We are confident that this new structure with Addtech as owner will even more energize and support the strong commitment to develop Thurne Teknik” says Magnus Lindberg, Chairman of the Board at Thurne Teknik.

Thurne Teknik and Addtech are both locally focused, value-driven companies. Both want to offer customers added value with superior technical solutions.

Press release 25.03.2019.

Further information:
Ulf Stenerhag, CEO, Thurne Teknik, tel. +46 70 810 2799

Henrik Ramm-Schmidt, Thurne Teknik Finland & Baltic, tel. +358 40 505 1905

Claus Nielsen, Business Unit Manager, Addtech, tel. +45 20 757 530

Daniel Prelevic, Controller, Addtech, tel. +46 70 309 9329