Reduce or Eliminate Requirement for Thermal Drying with Combined Filtration and Gravimetric Separation

Do you have a product and process that meets the following requirements?



Then you should consider to investigate the possibilities to eliminate the requirement for downstream drying by replacing or complementing
your filtration/centrifugation equipment with a Pusher Centrifuge.
This technology combines filtration and gravimetric separation to achieve
maximum dryness up to 99%.


Operating Principle:


Our partner Andritz Separation offers lab scale feasibility tests to help you explore what can be improved in your process.
Contact me if you find this interesting!

Robert Andersson Krohn, phone +46 8 5576 9348,

PreFiltration Technology For Increased Flexibility With Pusher Centrifuges

Are you looking for a pusher centrifuge that allows maximum efficiency while still maintaining a high level of flexibility towards changes upstream, such as fluctuations in flow, solids concentration, or particle size?

Under these conditions, conventional pusher centrifuges typically have to be either oversized or equipped with additional upstream equipment, for example cyclones or thickeners.

The patented ANDRITZ PreFiltration Technology adds an internal thickening stage to the machine and thus doubles the liquid capacity, which makes the ANDRITZ pusher centrifuges very flexible in operation.



Contact me if you have any further questions!
Robert Andersson Krohn, phone +46 8 5576 9348,

Join us on the QVF®-factory tour on Wednesday, 13th of June during ACHEMA



Welcome to Mainz (Germany)

While visiting the ACHEMA fair in Frankfurt you will have the opportunity to attend the QVF factory tour to Mainz, where you will be seeing the following highlights:

  • glass manufacturing processes unique in size and technology
  • shaping glass with eye catching flames


Limited places – please click here if you would like to join!



09:15   booth C26 Hall 4.0: Interested customers will meet at the DeDietrich Process
Systems booth with following bus transfer to the QVF site in Mainz
10:00   Guided tour through QVF manufacturing site
12:00   Lunch buffet
13:00   Departure to the ACHEMA fair site – estimated return time is about 13:30

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Here is some more interesting reading connected to QVF products:




Contact me if you have any further questions!
Matthias Persson, phone +46 8 5576 9334,

Press release – Guided Tours ACHEMA 2018

Press release, Stockholm 18th of April 2018

Guided tours at ACHEMA in Frankfurt

On the 12th of June, Thurne Teknik arranges guided tours on ACHEMA for the fourth time in a row that allow participants to get a quick overview of process engineering solutions from raw material handling to the final product within different industries

The ACHEMA includes more than 11 exhibition halls on 140 000 square meters. Visiting an exhibition of such dimensions is for many visitors a confusing and overwhelming experience.

How will anyone be able to keep focus and select what is interesting for just his area? This question was raised by Ulf Stenerhag, Managing Director at Thurne Teknik already in 2009. Thurne Teknik, headquartered in Stockholm, delivers advanced systems, equipment and components to the process industry in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Together with its worldwide partners, they support their customers with state-of-the-art solutions for improving efficiency, safety and sustainability in various focus areas such as: Pharmaceutical, Food, Biotech, Mining & Mineral, Petrochemical and Chemical industry.

– The idea for the guided tours began to grow during my own fair visit at ACHEMA 2006: totally frustrated, I had taken a break outdoors, looked around and wondered what I was doing, says Ulf Stenerhag.

– On top of that we had been thinking about our own fair participation concept in the company for many years: How can we create value at fairs for ourselves, for our customers and for our suppliers? The result was the guided tours.

The tours will take place on Tuesday, the 12th of June 2018, in cooperation with the magazines Kemivärlden Biotech / Kemisk Tidskrift and Process Nordic as well as with the fairs Processteknik and Scanautomatic in Gothenburg.

– The tours are tailor-made for the participants in order to optimize their visit in getting a quick overview of what has happened in their process areas, especially in terms of innovations, plus that they additionally have the opportunity to exchange their knowledge with Nordic colleagues from the same industry. According to Ulf Stenerhag the guided tours solve another problem that may be specific for Nordic countries:

– Many experience probably the same as I do: it feels pretty tedious to go into a booth and ask questions, even more when there is no intention to purchase anything. I am automatically considered a potential buyer and feel uncomfortable. And I think that many visitors feel the same way.

– During a guided tour with other participants there is always someone else who asks the questions you yourself are not really comfortable with to bring up, and this helps.

The tours are suitable not only for production managers, project managers, operators and maintenance specialists but also purchasing managers. They were most positive afterwards and reported that they had experienced a very good insight into the entire process chain and which suppliers are operating in their field of interest, says Ulf Stenerhag.

More detailed information regarding the tours and a form to register online can be found on our website at

We are hoping for an equally strong participation as in 2015 where we had about 100 participants.


For more information, please contact: Ms. Vogel, Marketing Coordinator Thurne Teknik AB,, +46 8 5576 9343

Join us on ACHEMA guided tours on 12th of June – free of charge!


The ACHEMA in Frankfurt is the world´s largest fair within PROCESS TECHNOLOGY and Chemical Engineering where new trends and innovations are presented for its visitors.

As a visitor it is difficult to maintain focus amongst thousands of exhibitors and 140 000 m2 exhibition space. Therefore we have chosen to arrange guided tours through the exhibition that follow your processes from raw material handling to the final Product.



Within each tour we meet the leading suppliers in the field and cover the most interesting developments that have taken place lately.

Each tour is limited to a maximum of 20 participants. Headsets will be provided for all tours. Besides free of charge entrance tickets, we offer a light breakfast, lunch and refreshments.

The tours are created for you who want to

  • increase your skills
  • optimize your visit
  • get a quick overview of the process
  • learn about innovations
  • meet with Nordic colleagues from the same industry


The day ends with a casual evening in a Biergarten!


Click here for more information on all tours!


Register here:





Welcome to a 1-day Containment Seminar: Processing of Potent Powders


We continue with our successful seminar series for the LIFE SCIENCE Industry!

Welcome to join us!

at the Containment Seminar on 17th of May

at Søhuset Konferencecenter, Venlighedsvej 10, DK-2970 Hørsholm


together with our partners:


– to learn more about the latest development within Processing of Potent Powders
– to hands-on experience of exhibition equipment
– to meet and network with colleagues in your industry

Welcome to a day with Thurne Teknik and our partners!



09.00     Registration and Coffee


09.30     Reactor Charging Concepts
10.15      Flexible Isolators and Transfer & Protective Film Concepts
11.00      Coffee Break
11.15       Powder Containment & Aseptic Transfer Valve Systems
12.00     Lunch


13.00     High Efficiency Inline Sifter: for full Containment Process of Particle Size Control
13.45     High Containment Pharmaceutical Roller Compactors
14.30     Coffee Break
15.00     Case Studies from Nordic Countries
16.00     Open house / Networking / Exhibition


Your hosts:
Gloria Nanfuka 
– Sales Engineer, phone +45 89 88 35 00

The lecturers:
Henrik Ramm-Schmidt – Thurne Teknik
Viktor Schnyder – Lugaia
Andrew Gent – ChargePoint
Davy Maes – Quadro Engineering
Wilf Sangüesa – Quadro Engineering


until 13/4 “Early Bird” :               75,- € / person
after 13/4:                                  100,- € / person
company fee (up to 4 persons):  200,- €

including digital documentation, lunch & coffee breaks 
register latest by 30/4-2018


Register here!



Søhuset, Venlighedsvej 10, DK-2970 Hørsholm

Do you want to know more about the seminar? Please contact me for further information.

Thurne Teknik Denmark: Gloria Nanfuka, Sales Manager
phone +45 89 88 35 00,


Filtrox: Single-use Clarification of Fermentation Broths

Microfiltration of high-value liquids by means of Single Use Depth Filter Systems by


FILTRODISC™ BIO SD is the first depth filter using the advantages of the alluvial (cake or pre-coat) filtration technology in a disposable format.

Standard depth filters can no longer handle the higher and higher cell titers (>10 8 cells/ml) in fermentation broths. By using a filter aid such as diatomaceous earth (e.g. Celpure®) the filtration volume per filter area can be increased by up to 80%.



FILTRODISC™ BIO SD comprises a filtration system which removes particles (e.g. cells, bacteria, yeast), impurities (e.g. HCP, DNA) and other turbid matter from process liquids such as fermentation broth.

This system is completely disposable; meaning all material that comes in contact with the product is meant for single use and can be disposed of after the filtration is completed.

All sizes can be ordered gamma sterilized.


Read more about FILTRODISC BIO SD here!


Do you have any questions within the fields of Bioprocess, Filtration or Components?
Please contact me or my colleagues for further information or for a quotation.

Thurne Teknik Denmark: Gloria Nanfuka, Sales Manager, phone +45 89 88 3500,


Meet us and our partners at ANUGA FOOD TEC in Cologne 20-23 of March


Individual meetings at ANUGA in Cologne



ANUGA FOOD TEC is one of the most well-known international trade shows for the Bulk Material and Food Processing Industries:

Over 1,500 exhibitors from 50 countries present a wide range of products and services – all in a single location.
Thurne Teknik will assist you and guide you through product news adjusted to your process.

Meet us and our partners for an individual discussion in the following stands:




Click here for our solutions within Food Processing!


Do you want to know more about our solutions?
Please contact me or my colleagues for further information or to book a meeting.

Thurne Teknik AB: Ovais Naseer, Sales Engineer, phone +46 8 5576 9336,