Video> Separation and efficiency of the wired mesh on the operational process plant

Video> Separation and efficiency of the wired mesh on the operational process plant


Rhodius has been one of the very first partners of Thurne. In 1925 the RHODIUS firm is established in Weissenburg, Germany, by Max RHODIUS. They were manufacturing metal sponges for Germany at the time. In 1968 the firm enlargement of the factory and introduction of knitted wire mesh catalytic converter technology for automotive use and soon after the first droplet separators saw the market. Today Rhodius is a global-wide manufacturer with sites expanding from the USA, Europe, Middle East, and all the way to South Korea. They supply major car manufacturing in Germany for cars BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz. With a high standard permits, certificates like ISO9001 makes them one of the best in we world. The industry for wire mesh application is endless, and with a huge market for applications, the engineering behind it must be solid. That’s why Rhodius offers programs and services for R&D equipment, Process engineering, and measurements on-site. Thurne is truly proud to have been entrusted with a partnership with one of the world’s best manufacturers of knitted wired mesh.

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Spokesperson: Thierry Chambard // Rhodius, Sales Director for Europe



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