“A Sustainable Tomorrow” award for The Hunger Project and Thurne Teknik

On the photo from the left Silvia Ernhagen (The Hunger Project) and Nawal Ajob (Thurne Teknik)

“A Sustainable Tomorrow” award is based on Global Objective #17 (Implementation and Global Partnership). The award is shared jointly with a companies and an organizations that are committed to create a sustainable development. In 2018, the award goes to The Hunger Project and Thurne Teknik.

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Ulf Stenerhag, CEO of Thurne Teknik explains why the company have decided to support The Hunger Project: “We wanted to get involved as a company in helping as best as we can. A few years ago I decided that we should contribute to an organization where the staff is involved! It is not me as CEO who decides something that nobody else knows. At Thurne Teknik we like The Hunger Project and its way of working and the staff have a personal commitment”.